Let me tell you the essential truth to physics and the universe... That's it! In mathematics it doesn't get more beautiful than that. Apparently this equation is so beautiful that, according to the BBC, it excites the same areas of the brain as a great piece of music or art would! It is known as Euler's Identity. Prof. David [...]


I heard a pastor say once, "The strongholds of the Church are the norms, values, practices or traditions that are in the way of God and the growth of His Kingdom." I'd say one of the those strongholds has been the Bible. More to the point, our interpretation of it. I became a Christian in [...]

Father or Mother…

...Either, Neither...  ...Both?          A couple of Sunday's ago I was spending a rather lovely Sunday afternoon. The weather in Sydney was warm and sunny. I needed the rest. The week before had been full on. My study leave had been more than just a mental wrestling match, there were a number of [...]