Andrew Heath – Arcadia

One of my favourite ambient artist out there. Andrew Heath’s latest is a must for ambient lovers. In this release he explores the use of field recordings as texture and also the piano as a main guiding instrument. The cover is a photograph of Salisbury Plain, an area of the UK that Andrew grew upContinue reading “Andrew Heath – Arcadia”

This Will Destroy You – Vespertine

“Vespertine is the musical score that This Will Destroy You composed for Chef Jordan Kahn’s 2-Michelin Star restaurant of the same name. The score originally ran exclusively at the physical site of the restaurant in Culver City, California since its grand opening in late 2017. The program consists of seven pieces specifically written for momentsContinue reading “This Will Destroy You – Vespertine”

Hotel Neon – Tortured Shapes

Born in the mountains of West Virginia; completed during quarantine in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Dayton. —“Why some blocks of stone, hacked into violent and tortured shapes, should so profoundly tranquillise the mind I do not know. Perhaps the eye imposes its own rhythm on what is only a confusion: one has to look creatively toContinue reading “Hotel Neon – Tortured Shapes”

Andrew Heath – The Alchemist’s Muse

From Andrew, “The Alchemist’s Muse is a process-led body of work that further explores my obsession with minimalism, texture, tone and the detritus that litters our sound field such as radio static or mechanical noises. I use clusters of piano notes and guitar drones against warm layers of electronics and treated field recordings, often manipulatingContinue reading “Andrew Heath – The Alchemist’s Muse”