I've found myself re-reading the book "Eichmann Interrogated" which records the interrogation of the former Nazi SS Adolf Eichmann, who was one of the orchestrators of the Holocaust, with the Jewish police captain Avner Less. It's an extraordinary account and even though I have read it several times, last night I couldn't put it down [...]


At the 2000 Sydney Olympics Closing ceremony one of my all time favourite bands, Midnight Oil, came out and played their biggest hit "Beds are Burning." What was curious about their performance to millions of people around the world was what they were wearing. Black pyjamas with "SORRY" emblazoned on the front of them in [...]


Jack Canfield, writing in "The Success Principles", asks participants in his seminars to agree to a list of 15 ground rules - be on time, sit in a different chair after every break, no alcoholic beverages until the training is over, and others. He makes them sign a form in their workbook that says, “I [...]


I've been a big fan of U2 ever since I was 12 years old. The moment I saw the music video to "New Year's Day", I was hooked. Since then, apart from getting my hands on anything even musically related to U2, I've read a plethora of material on them, from articles to books. I [...]