I have lived and worked in a lot of different places.

Australia. England. Italy. New Zealand. USA.

From Dapto to Elk Grove to Rome.

I now live in Lower Hutt.

I read a lot.

I love music and maintain a huge CD collection.

Because CDs are like books. They tell a story.

I love stories.

I love planes. Commercial aviation planes.

I just hate getting into them.

I have a beautiful wife and three gorgeous daughters.

They are not the reason there is no hair on my head.

My genes and my work are!

I am a follower of Jesus.

I was the senior pastor at Opawa Baptist Church in Christchurch.

I don’t like Christchurch but I do love the people at Opawa Baps.

I sometimes write. I sometimes teach.

I am working with some awesome people right now at HCBC.

I am involved with Arrow Leadership New Zealand.

Because building and equipping Leaders is something I love doing.

I have been trained by IECL .

I have a more detailed CV if you’re into that sort of thing.