I have lived and worked in a lot of different places.

Australia. England. Italy. New Zealand. USA.

From Dapto to Elk Grove to Rome.

I now live in Lower Hutt.

I read a lot.

I love music and maintain a huge CD collection.

Because CDs are like books.

They tell a story. And I love stories.

I also love traveling.

Because seeing the world & meeting people is good for the soul.

I love airports. And I love planes.

Commercial aviation planes.

I just hate getting into them.

I have a beautiful wife and three gorgeous daughters.

They are joy. And they are joyful.

They are not the reason there is no hair on my head.

My genes and my work are!

I am follower of the teachings of Jesus.

But deeply opposed to Christendom.

Justice. Mercy. Walking humbly.

I sometimes write. And I sometimes teach.

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn. Repeat.

I am working with some awesome people right now at HCBC.

I am involved with Arrow Leadership New Zealand.

Because building and equipping Leaders is something I love doing.

I have been trained by IECL .

I have a more detailed CV if you’re into that sort of thing.