Andrew Heath – The Alchemist’s Muse

From Andrew,

“The Alchemist’s Muse is a process-led body of work that further explores my obsession with minimalism, texture, tone and the detritus that litters our sound field such as radio static or mechanical noises. I use clusters of piano notes and guitar drones against warm layers of electronics and treated field recordings, often manipulating them with various forms of both tape machines and software to create the finished pieces. Building on techniques involving the longer sound recordings I used in previous albums such as ‘Evenfall’ and ‘A Trace of Phosphor’, I have worked here with a more layered palette of sound.

I was also delighted to re-engage with two amazing artists, Bill Howgego adds a sublime bass clarinet to ‘The Alchemist’s Muse’ and the Romanian born poet, Maria Stadnika re-voices her work on a completely new version of ‘The Garden Reveals Itself’.

Recorded at my home in the Cotswolds, England earlier this year just as we all experienced a new silence imposed upon us all and for me, this album has emerged with a sense of calm, tranquility and slowly evolving soundscapes to balance our days.

I leave you to decide who or what are the alchemist and their muse.”

You can preorder The Alchemist’s Muse on Bandcamp:

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