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Religious Myth

Religious myth is our coping mechanism that helps us understand and give meaning to life and the world around us. This is not just restricted to the metaphysical. The materialist, whose views are driven by blind chance and mechanical laws, themselves are driven by religious myth. The physical universe functioning without purpose or intentionality is itself an interpretation. A myth that is believed in and that gives meaning and understanding.


How can we restore the meaning of human life? How can we allow space for the intuition of the soul without sacrificing reason or plausibility?


As experiences shape us, they will also inevitably shape the myth that we live by.


Dogmatism, that is, the tendency to lay down principles or beliefs as undeniably true, without consideration of evidence or the opinions of others, is fundamentally an emotional issue. It is the reason why some are so violently opposed to change, especially in the Christian Evangelical world. But the forces at play are far deeper than just principles.

Art by agsandrew

Glimpses of Life

“Does God exist? I don’t have any evidence either way, but I am not sure that is the right question. For me, the question is what it means to believe. The thing is, against all my better judgement, I find it impossible not to believe, or at the very least not to be engaged in the inquiry of such a thing, which in a way is the same thing.”

Nick Cave


Where life is heard through the ethereal sounds of another world


Where miracles are seen through the mundane


Where belief is acknowledged, appreciated and challenged

Art by Plateresca.

Higgs Boson Blues

At some point soon I will be releasing my first book, “The Higgs Boson Blues.” Keep an eye on this page for updates on the release…


Myth is the code that each one of us constantly uses, whether we are aware of it or not, to interpret life in the world. It’s the code that evokes thought, emotion, reaction.


As one who holds to the Christian myth, the use of the word ‘myth’ does allow for the concept of faith to be fully realised. This idea of uncertainty, that ‘myth’ evokes, is the foundation from which faith thrives. It is something that Christianity has really lost over the centuries, balancing the tension that co-exists between faith, the evidence of the things unseen , and uncertainty, the question of significance and what is to come.


For me, there had to be a god particle, a Higgs boson, for as much I got off on the ‘meaningless’ trip, the trip itself was driving me to find meaning. It was my blues that drove me. The angst of my depression that pleaded there had to be more.

Art by Patricie Malkova